Pact Pact

I can’t speak highly enough about Pact’s WORTH project, which works on women’s literacy and financial empowerment worldwide. They’ve done astounding work in Nepal and Africa, they’re eyeing how to go into Afghanistan, and they’re a finalist for a milion-dollar matching award from Amazon… if they’re the non-profit who raises the most money before September 30th via the link above.

I don’t normally shill for any organization, no matter how virtuous; these folks, however, I’ll make an exception for. They are doing very, very good work.

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    Hey. Where have you been man? Just thought this was one of the better ways to contact you. Like the dailies. Eventually you’ll have to send me your address so i can send you an EP. I think you emailed it to me before, but i believe it is lost in the vast anus known as the Internet.
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