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“You’re not. That’s okay!”

On the way to the bus stop yesterday:

P: “Abba, why are the days getting shorter?”
A: “Well, Piper, let’s talk about this tonight. I’ve got a great idea to explain this, using our globe and a flashlight.”
P: “Okay! That sounds great!”

[The school day passes. Dinner, teeth brushing, jams on. Kate is reading to Syd in the next room; I have assembled our globe, a flashlight, a piece of string, a measuring tape, and a bright light source on a stand.]

P: “Yes!” (fist pumps)
A: “Well, let’s start out with the globe … you see how it’s tilted … and it goes around the sun … and here’s the shadow of the … darn, the light’s slipped … okay, can you put your finger on the spot where … wait, find Madison on the globe … put a piece of tape there … now turn the globe … wait, I’ve got to change the light … maybe we should start by looking at the globe from the top … ”

[15 minutes of basically pure HERP DERP fumbling from me, later]

A: (long pause)
A: “You know what, Piper? I might try this again another time. I don’t feel like I’m doing a very good job explaining this.”
P: “You’re not. That’s okay. … Do we still have time to read a chapter in The Doll People?”
A: “Absolutely.”


Mortality and Morning People

  • Piper started a crying binge after lights out, late last week, weepily repeating only, “I don’t want to die: not ever, ever ever. I never want to die.” Hugs and some nickel-philosophy from Kate and me, Kate’s being of the “you’re not going to die for a long, long time” variety and mine being of the “hey, when I feel that way, I think about all the things I love in my life.” P fell asleep 10 minutes later. We haven’t found out what the trigger was. (Having finished “Charlotte’s Web” a week before, though, makes me wonder about the sudden mortality concern.)
  • Kate took off for a 4-day conference in SLC last night. The girls and I had a graceful bedtime, an uninterrupted night’s sleep and a reasonably smooth countdown and launch this morning. Of course, after walking the girls to the bus stop, exchanging pleasantries with our other parent friends and then walking Syd home again, I realized that I’d been wearing my olive-drab rain shell inside out the whole time. (file under “morning people; we are not actually them yet“)
  • Apple picking at Door Creek Orchard yesterday. Optimistically picked a huge bag of Cortland apples for the coming year, but will I get to peeling them and prepping them for future pies? Watch this space.
  • Today’s my first official day returning to full-time work as a systems geek, doing IT and scaling work with/for friends at VCharge Energy. Radio work will be dropping back to a hobby for a bit — good, flexible, paying work that stands a decent chance of making the world better is too tempting to pass up, at least for a bit.

That “Here It Comes” feeling

Yesterday, I went to put my arms around Kate while she was standing just outside the kitchen, and managed to solidly hit the bony side of my elbow against the archway. There was a split second before the electric pain hit in which I knew the pain was coming: just enough time to begin grimacing, and then WHAM.

Syd got sent home from day care on Tuesday with a low grade fever and an extremely puzzled report that she hadn’t touched her lunch. Her day care knows her well enough to know that this is not only out of character, it simply Does Not Happen.

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