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On Tuesdays, I stay at home

The mounds of snow that NYC got over the last month are melting down: first into icy slabs, and then into the crushed water bottles and dog turds hiding, like beans in the King Cake, since the last blizzard. While we didn’t get nearly as much snow as those further north (hello, CT!), the shape of the curb is still a little surprising to see. Our new blue car is so spattered with salt and road dust that it’s hard to see out of the driver’s window.

It’s just shy of 8 a.m., and our apartment is uncharacteristically quiet. Kate was supposed to be working today, but felt so wretched overnight that she called out (at 0530, I believe) and is sawing wood in the next room. Piper, just a day over the same illness, is having one of her rare lie-ins as well.

I’m in a liminal state, and it’s not entirely comfortable.
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Prepared, she sleeps

So Kate and I went over to Kathryn and Ryan’s apartment last night, for $100,000 chicken and our new favorite cookies. Piper took her second ride in a car ever, and handled it with aplomb.

So much aplomb, in fact, that she was completely and bonelessly asleep when we got to the Hechts’. We brought her inside in the car bucket, put her within earshot, and commenced to the chatting and cooking and laughing we normally pursue when we meet up with the BFFs.

And pursue it we did, until close to midnight. Piper did most of her night’s One Big Sleep while we were stuffing our faces, unfortunately, which meant a) minimal cuddle time for Piper with Kathryn and Toni and b) a frisky, lively baby for a lot of the rest of the night and morning. Both Kate and I feel like we’ve been stuck on “FrappĂ©” for the last 10 hours.

The clutter and detritus on the surfaces around the apartment is starting to encroach a little; the urge to just sweep all of it into garbage bags and then toss the lot is running high, but I suppose we’ll sort the fruit and cats from the envelopes and stick blenders before throwing them out.