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Everything is going up

One of Soul Coughing’s best, re-done by the song’s author and the band’s very-ex-frontman, the inimitable Mike Doughty. Stuck in my head this morning.

Everything is going up.
Everything is going as planned, yeah.
Everything moves along.
Everything is fine, fine, fine.

Oh I could be condemned to Hell for every sin but littering.
I could slip on the East River and crash into Queens all skittering.
I’ve seen the cops and the robbers, and I know they dance the same.
I’ve seen a half a zillion girls and haven’t spoken to a single one of them.

Batting in the light,
My reptile-lidded eyes.
And all this strung end to end,
Is wider than the mind.

And this cool I’ve been playing
I have been playing too long
Now my capacities are dwindling
’til they’re Gone Gone Gone.

Baby can I change my mind?
I just want to change my mind.


Looking at the world from 2 feet high

A couple of weeks ago, I handed Piper our little handheld digital video camera, just to see what would happen. Here’s the resulting video – shows promise, methinks. (Should I consult with Crittercam about how to attach the camera to her head, next time?) It’s clear that she’s really enamored of the start-stop button, so if you’re easily made motion-sick or demand an actual narrative arc, you might want to steer clear.

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Putting the ‘loco’ in ‘locomotion’

After a lot of agita over Piper’s seeming indifference to ever moving from the spots where we place her, she’s finally decided that there are a few things worth scooting for. Namely, a closed bottle of leftover seltzer. Who are we to judge?

Admittedly, her movement technique has a bit of the “harbor-seal-galumphing-on-dry-land” about it, but I’m sure that’ll smooth out with time.