One day on the farm

There were clear beads of dew hanging motionless at the edges of the small, white flowers. My mom playing tour guide in the background, I stepped into the bathtub, secure in its wood and tile nest, and touched one drop of the dew, which turned out to be sap; nearly as thin as water, it had only the faintest feel against my finger as I reached out and left the flower scent against Kate’s neck, just below and behind her right ear.

My visit ran too short, as usual on my annual visits home. Visiting with my parents since leaving home for college has been an exercise in extremes — either we overstay one another’s welcome, their familiar sighs and shower hairs oddly grating in *my* apartment, or we understay, leaving just as the faint strains of a family’s machinery starting to move starts to come in.
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lack of will power

An evening of mediocre stirfry and fun games playing with Chad. Got out of work late enough to just want to come home and hang out. Made stirfry of salmon, baby corn, tofu, broccoli, garlic, ginger, and did vodka shots with Chad while cooking it. Turned out okay, although it made the subsequent games of Kahuna more challenging than they might otherwise have been.

Once again, it’s nearly one in the morning, and I still haven’t gone to bed. Lack of will power? Or just habit?

necessary evil

Some few layoffs at work today, most of them understandable in the economic and political times we find ourselves in. Still, the rhythms of the day were thrown for a loop, like the weird double vision you get brushing your teeth on the day your grandfather dies.

film of the day's events, developed quickly for review