You are your own best computer -- stark naked. You do not require electricity, only an occasional pork chop or a love affair, or a scratch behind the ears. Your hard drive is always intact and you already own the necessary software. If you don't think this is true, ask a neighborhood farmer about his quarter-million-dollar combine that will revolutionize agriculture, then look at the rotting ghosts of old combines in the grove behind his barn. If you know how to do everything a computer can do, and can afford one, it might save you some time on menial tasks. Then again, it might not. The information highway leads down from the cerebellum to the spinal cord, and to the hands, and back up, passing through the deluxe non-electric blood pump into your personal ingrown Apple. Bill Gates makes tools, probably not as useful to humanity in the long run as a socket wrench; something else made you - your mother and father. You are nature's perfect information system.

  -- Bill Holm, professor of English at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota.

This server is a small machine serving as primary DNS, mail, and webserver for several private domains, individually held by Adam Hirsch and several friends.

It's physically located in Watertown, Massachusetts, but that's never stopped it from having a good time.