dream: two this morning

one, an immersive trip home, where David hung out with me but still managed to do everything wrong. He had a startac phone, like I used to have, but he’d covered it with packing tape and only wanted to get me and (other character) to go to a strip club with him.

Then, after Kate left for work, a Lord of the Rings dream, following Sam and Frodo as they met a hyena (which transformed from a bloodthirsty beast to a yellow lab) and a snake (who later turned out to be Gandalf, wending his way back to human form after dying) and a valkyrie (the hope being that the yellow lab and the valkyrie would find each other) and culminating by coming down a steep staircase into a room filled with orcs who fired their bows and arrows out the window to signal that we’d walked right into their trap, and a long scene in this room as we tried to figure a way out – we had the Ring, they had us.