Summer in November

Friends said that we shouldn’t have allowed the term to be “Global Warming,” which sounds vaguely comfortable, in a just-in-from-skiing kind of way, but instead have forced the meme to become “Global Climate Change” or “Global The Weather’s Screwy” or, best of all, “Climastrophe.”

Regardless, today’s bizarrely misplaced sunny-and-70-degrees was just awesome to be out and about in. Kate and I saw Jennie E-P for a long, lingering lunch sitting out in a Bryn Mawr soccer field, talking about mutual friends, Jennie’s pregnancy, geopolitics, autism… it was a blast. Then it was off to Home Depot for more house things. (I’m really hoping that our landlords will contribute some part of the nearly $290 we’ve spent over the last weekend… you have no idea how much under-counter fluourescent lights cost, added up.)

Kate ducked down to Delaware to visit her friend Ramona, while I stayed behind, supposedly to continue working on apartment things. Lo and behold, work rang with something crucial, so now two hours later, I’m drilling holes for surround-speaker stands and figuring out what tasks I need to do before I reward myself with leftover pumpkin and/or apple pie, from my mom’s visit.

Mom’s apple pie. Good lord, I’m eating a cliche, and it’s very tasty with ice cream.