Got into Boston late last night, and went to pick up my rental car. I’d asked for an Economy car, and got quoted a price of about $25/day, which sounded reasonable.

Given the unfortunate happenings the last time I rented a vehicle, I took the “full” insurance coverage, which is a whopping $47/day. Between that, taxes, Convention Center fees, a full tank of gas… what was a $25/day rental became a $330 rental. And they were out of economy cars, so for an economy price, I got a Dodge Caravan. Stylin’.

Stayed up late finishing Fortress of Solitude , which was as good or better, I think, than Motherless Brooklyn . Yawned my way awake this morning, walked down the street to take Jessica ‘s Jack out for a walk in the cool, rainy day. Realized that when all else fails, owning a dog will definitely encourage more physical activity than I’ve been getting recently. Felt good.

Cruised into work in the Caravan, wondering whether I’ll ever feel at home in a big family mobile… not, honestly, that I think I’ll ever get a minivan. But will I still feel like driving fast when I’m 50? Or listening to the same thumpa-thumpa-thumpa driving music? Are my changing tastes something to watch, actively shape, anticipate, fear? All of the above?