It’s been a week of Watching. I got back from my extended trip to NH, Thanksgiving, and felt so weirdly transplanted back to Philly that it’s taken me most of the week to feel at home again. Most of my time’s been spent doing work, though I managed to peel myself away from the computer long enough to make cranberry muffins and mushroom pie, which we’ve been eating for a couple of days now.

It’s too easy to fall into doing work. It always feels justified, there’s always more of it to do than my group has the time or energy for, so it’s simple to sit down and feel like I’m doing something that is … valuable, somehow, or validated by some higher authority. Problem is, I get this empty feeling after a week of just doing work until 8 and 9 p.m., eating, and getting some quick face-time with Kate before crashing to bed. (with the occasional Puzzle Pirates thrown in.)

It snowed here yesterday, and what with unexpected complications leading up to tonight’s code release at work, today turned into “Sitting around and debugging staging” rather than “going to the hardware store for a snow shovel and the makings for veggie chili.” I feel like a lump. An out of shape lump, with a short attention span and no grand accomplishments in recent memory. Bah.