summer night

Kate and I had a little snarly moment, just a little bolus of stress over how much we have to get done in the next 18 days. I went out for a quick half hour bike ride, from our place down to the boathouses and back, along Kelly Drive. Felt good, though I’m clearly not in the shape I’d like to be. Grilled some (in season!) wild caught sockeye, put it over some greens (I bought greens at Whole Foods, not realizing Kate had – oops) and sat outside in the cooling night, one flickery candle lighting our fish and salad, our tomatoes and mozzarella, the cardboard tube we eat off of on the porch.

We held hands for a moment of silence. It’s been a warm day, but it’s cool and comfortable now, and the gentle fatigue in my legs only helped me sit more still. It’s been a good day.