Decided to put snow tires on my car this winter, given where we’re living. When Claude, our mechanic-down-the-road, asked me whether I wanted studs put in the tire, my reply was an emphatic SURE, I GUESS.

My car’s down at the garage now. The burst of snow and freezing rain that prevented Kate from getting my car up the hill to our house earlier this week has mostly melted… but its cousins will be coming back for revenge, never you doubt it for a second.

My prediction, though, now that I’ve had a chance to consider the implications of putting studs in my winter tires (and memories of Iceland ‘s cars’ tires, which made a sound like rain on a metal roof as they purred down the streets of Reykjavik), is that the studs will prove somewhat useful for the 1.5 miles of road leading up to our driveway, and will prove an annoying noise-generator for the 125 miles of highway down to Boston.

Ah, well. At least I’ll feel, you know, studly.