A way will open

Kate and I have been wrestling (practically greco-roman wrestling, all covered in olive oil and grimacing) over what we want our wedding certificate (something analogous to a ketubah , only for Quakers) to look like. Certain basics we knew and agreed on; but as to what the thing would look like… the aesthetic differences have been great enough to have one of us at any given time despairing of finding a compromise, ever. (Over the last few days we’ve taken turns switching between the despairing role and the optimistic “We love each other so of course we’ll find something we both can at least like” role in as coordinated a fashion as a pair of legs in a Busby Berkeley movie.)

Tonight, at long last, while eating Kate-made teriyaki chicken stirfry, we found something. Not only do we both like it, we both love it, which 48 hours ago I think both of us would have regarded as impossible. Costs more than we’d anticipated, but we both agree it will be more than worth it to have something we love on our wall. We’re totally giddy with relief. Next up: the china pattern.

In addition, I’m about to become an uncle for the second time this month. Never rains but it pours.