grey and crappy

It’s rainy and sloppy out; has been all day. After playing Halo2 late last night, I got up late with Kate and sorted through some the relevant-looking piles of paper I’ve got around. Somewhere, downstairs, I’ve got even more piles of paper mail I triaged as “only marginally interesting” some multiple months ago, and I think I’m gonna just pitch the lot of it without opening it. Bills go to Paytrust at this point, so what could possibly be in there that I’d care about?

Then lunch at the Norwich Inn followed by an afternoon matinee of Sin City (a total hoot to watch, and very faithful to the comic book … er, graphic novel) at the Nugget, which is also playing Off the Map. I’ve only been waiting for 2.5 years for this to come out, after seeing it at Sundance. Kate and I will definitely see this one before it vanishes again.