Last night, driving home from Boston, I had an apple and a liter of water for dinner. This morning I woke up of my own volition around 6:30, feeling fine. I feel … something, around my stomach, but it’s not what I normally think of as “hungry.” I think it’s been a long time since I’ve actually felt hunger; my habit is to eat and eat thoroughly every meal, regardless of what my stomach’s saying. Over the course of the cleanse thus far, I’ve been impressed at how little (and what) I can eat and still feel functional. The portions I’m seeing at restaurants look gargantuan, and the mochi squares and apples I’ve been eating for breakfast this week have seemingly been keeping me going just fine. (That said, I seem to have dropped about 6-7 pounds, so clearly my body’s dipping into its reserves a bit, too.)

I’m gradually dropping my caloric intake this week with an eye towards broth-fasting on Sunday and Monday. At this point I feel more curiousity about how it’ll feel than anything else. There are definitely things I miss – half and half and honey (sorry, John) in my English Breakfast tea, cheese, yogurt, and bread top the list – but I’m realizing that I’m missing them more out of habit than anything else. I’m not keeling over from the lack of them. Maybe, just maybe, a month away from the habits will help me practice them a bit less, er, habitually.