wound-up week

I’ve been really stressed this week. Lots of moving parts and lots of deadlines and urgency. Kate and I are trying to get our wedding website put together (primarily but not entirely my task, this) and get our invitations assembled, addressed, stamped, and mailed out (primarily but not entirely Kate’s task, this). We’re coming to the point where lots of things start needing to be finalized – the caterers’ menu for the day, the ring sizes and engravings, being ready to track RSVPs (What if nobody comes? What if everybody comes?), making sure that my divorced parents are actually working out just what’s going to happen at the rehearsal dinner while simultaneously trying to keep my nose out of it) – and I’ve found myself more anxious about decisions rather than finding some stillness to consider and choose from.

Add to that some urgency around changing our application server software at work (a project which I’m taking point on right now) and my (perhaps foolishly) agreeing to do a few hours of off-hours moonlighting for a friend who needs two systems set up and locked down, and it’s a recipe for me to spin frantically between the multiple tasks I’ve got going and to not really get good traction on any of them. I need to stop, make a few lists, and work through them methodically, and instead I find myself stress-eating (apples and almond butter – thanks, The Cleanse!) and craving the mindless (and decision-less) solace of staying up late playing with the new maps on Halo2. (which are, by the by, excellent.)

Because being sleep-deprived makes me that much better at dealing with stress, natch.

That said, Kate and I went and had lunch at the Norwich Inn yesterday in order to ask their brewer, Tim, if we could get some beer from them for the wedding. He said it wouldn’t be a problem, and was generally so friendly and fun about it that we left lunch feeling great about checking something off the list. (also, their beers are Just Great.)