rain and spreadsheets

Not a great night’s sleep. Started raining early this morning, and Kate jumped out of bed to close all the windows. Then I jumped up to close the car windows (which, once I went outside wearing only underwear and some car keys, I discovered were already closed). Then up at 6 for my weekly conference call with India. Then I worked on our wedding budget (over, over, over, but we’re past the point of caring), grabbed a quick half-hour more shuteye (with my mind whirling about all that we need to get done today) before bowing to the inevitable and coming downstairs to start work. I suspect I’m going to be in dire need of a nap after work, and I also know there’s not a chance in hell I’ll get one. Tent’s going up after lunch, loose ends to tie up at work, finish designing programs, etc, etc.

Thank god for our friends and family. This whole effort would have fallen to pieces weeks ago without’em.