Good news / Bad news

Good: Went by the RMV to renew my motorcycle registration. (A necessary prerequisite to getting my long-languishing motorcycle out of Glen’s garage.) Got to the Watertown RMV a little after 9, expecting to wait in line for quite a while before getting helped. I walked in, followed the signs to the customer service desk to get triaged, told the nice lady I was there to renew my motorcycle registration after not renewing it last year, and received a flimsy strip of thermal printer paper with the number F802 on it.

Went to sit down on the blond wood benches and felt for my bookmark in “A Confederacy of Dunces.” I hadn’t even gotten the book open when… BONG goes the overhead speaker. “NOW SERVING F802 AT COUNTER FOUR.”

Five minutes and twenty-five bucks later, I’ve got a current registration and sticker for my bike. Awesome. I’ve never had a transaction at the RMV go so smoothly and quickly.

Bad: Due to the muzak in the mall, I’ve now got the chorus of “Hooked on a Feeling” looping in my ears. I’m getting very tempted to cut off my head and throw it away to get rid of the damn song.