Pact Pact

I can’t speak highly enough about Pact’s WORTH project, which works on women’s literacy and financial empowerment worldwide. They’ve done astounding work in Nepal and Africa, they’re eyeing how to go into Afghanistan, and they’re a finalist for a milion-dollar matching award from Amazon… if they’re the non-profit who raises the most money before September 30th via the link above.

I don’t normally shill for any organization, no matter how virtuous; these folks, however, I’ll make an exception for. They are doing very, very good work.

Seems to be Unintentional Videogame Humor Day

While driving to work this morning, shortly after spilling chai on my fabric passenger seat (dammit) the BBC announcer on the radio mentioned that a Chinese computer game company is going to start making
computer games “based on Chinese historical figures,” since many of the online games from Korea
and Japan are deemed “inappropriate for Chinese youth.” This sentence, though, made me laugh out loud:

Initial offerings from the game company will let players play a selfless communist soldier, a Ming Dynasty general, or a famously incorruptible judge.

Engaging writing find of the day

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Dispatches from Roy Kesey, An American Guy Married to a Peruvian Diplomat Living in China

Start at the bottom, which is where the story begins. I like this guy’s writing style a lot, probably because it’s a combination of fascinating travelogue and daddyblog, of which I’m always envious of the former and gently intrigued by the latter (due to the volume of real and honorary nieces and nephews I’ve acquired in the last three years).