I took the T downtown last night to meet up with John, Mike, and Kate for the Dead Can Dance show at the Orpheum. (Show: very good, though marred by the Orpheum’s management inexplicably not turning on the air conditioning, leaving a packed house full of roasting, sweaty, mostly-goth and mostly-tattooed DCD fans who shrieked with delight at the opening sounds of every song.) As I was walking down the stairs at the Davis Square T stop, I saw a half-crumpled up piece of paper at the bottom, with the pen-written words “To: You” on the outside. Expecting a religious tract or zealous financial scheme, I was surprised to find that it was actually an announcement about a series of staged readings based on things found for Found Magazine . (for those who don’t know, Found is a magazine devoted to things discarded and found – shopping lists, notes to oneself or others, flotsam – which hint tantalizingly at people’s stories. It makes an amusing amount of sense to advertise works inspired by them by leaving notes around to be, well, found.