Deluge Day

Woke up this morning to pouring rain. The rain kept coming down all day, letting up briefly in the afternoon and then resuming this evening. We haven’t seen a non-overcast sky for over a week. I think I’ve forgotten what color the sky is.

Started the day painfully, as some muscle deep under my left shoulder blade went TWANG even before we got out of bed. I’ve been wincing my way through the day, and will probably call for an appointment at … a massage therapist? chiropractor? not sure … come Monday. We got up, spent too long looking around the house for a gift certificate which we had put “Right There, I’m serious, it was there a week ago and now it’s gone!” before throwing our hands in the air and motoring off to:

  1. The farmers' market, which was nearly completely deserted, both by vendors and patrons.  We got some veggies from Hurricane Flats and chatted with Geo.

  2. The food co-op for lunch (capered tuna sandwich, tasty) and food for the week.  (We're going to go back onto South Beach fairly strictly for the week, to try and reverse the backsliding we've been doing recently.)  Oh, and we got cranky at each other over whether to get earthy-crunchy peroxide-and-citrus cleanser to attack the grey mildew stains on the grout in the shower or whether to get toxic chemical cleaner (surely recovered from [Bhopal]( itself).  (Which one of us wanted which is left as an exercise to the reader; suffice it to say that we made a deal and bought one, and after the results of some exploratory scrubbing this evening became clear, the terms of the deal now mandate that I go to the store alone and purchase the other variety.)

  3. Board and Basket, where we saw my aunt-to-be Pam and managed to spend the gift certificate we hadn't found before leaving the house, thanks to B & B's habit of keeping records of their gift certificates.  (replaced a broken crystal water glass and bought [the swoopiest toaster oven ever](
  1. EMS, where Kate got hiking boots for the honeymoon, and I got an orange fleece on sale.

Kate drove home, as swivelling around while driving was starting to really aggravate my back. We took a quick soak in the hot tub and then watched both of our remaining Netflix movies: Shadow of the Vampire (fun premise, well-made, disappointing ending, I thought) and The Bourne Identity (okay action thriller on its own merits, but I wish they’d made a movie actually based on the book , which is a favorite of mine). Since we watched Chicago last night (having had it for 13 months, no joke), that leaves us with no current Netflix movies. This has never happened before, so we feel a little proud.