We land in Kiwiland!

We’re sitting in an internet cafe in Christchurch on a grey day, and I’m fumbling with this non-Dvorak keyboard, much to Kate’s amusement/horror. Christchurch is a really pretty, small, city, and except for the crazy drive-on-the-wrong-side thing, feels very familiar. Our B&B; is very charming (and is rekindling fantasies of running one ourselves, years from now) and we had a fun dinner last night with an older American couple from Houston, Jim and Jackie, who we hit it off with despite some minor political differences. Funny how much one can forgive when meeting other travelers.

Aside from briefly waking up at four in the morning, we’re hardly jet lagged at all; the stop in Rarotonga worked out awesomely well. (Not to mention being warm and paradaisical and full of fish that we’re sure we’ve seen swimming around Jen’s tanks before.)

Had “Ginger Tom” beer at last night’s microbrewery dinner. At first I feared ginger-tomato beer, but then it poured out the color of pilsener. The logo was a smiling, cheshire-like cat (the “tom”) and the taste was, well, like a spicy, less-sweet, ginger beer. With alcohol. Not bad at all, but better blended with Kate’s IPA.

Anyhow, we’re off on a walking tour of Christchurch and a visit to The Antarctica Centre, hopefully renting a car along the way. (The added expense seems like it’ll be more than balanced out for by the added flexibility.)