Full of beans

It’s 10:44 on Wednesday night, and Kate and I just got back from being taken out to dinner by our financial advisor. We went to the Home Hill Inn , possibly the swankest and definitely the Frenchest restaurant around. Delicious meal: salad with heirloom beets and goat cheese, then some awesome cassoulet which I’m still burping, now. Kate and I split an order of tart tatin , which was only okay – the apples didn’t have the real deep toasted caramel flavor I’m used to, but the cinnamon ice cream went with them very, very well.

It’s a brilliant full moon out, and with the snow on the ground to reflect it around, it’s bright enough outside to cast sharp shadows. Kate’s gone to bed in the next room; I’m waiting up a little longer to try to digest a bit before I go to sleep. Oh, and I’m working on our honeymoon pictures , which is fun. Flickr works well for this kind of sharing, although I keep finding comments on pictures which I feel like I should respond to, but then I don’t know whether to respond in a comment or email the person back.

Christmas feels both imminent and somewhat unreal. I’m not doing big presents this year, just some little things which made me think of various people when I saw them. Other than that, I’m gonna make a bunch of cookies and bring them to people, and make some donations to worthy causes, if I can figure out a way to do it that doesn’t seem totally sanctimonious and preachy. I like the idea of donating in people’s names, but presenting it to them is a little harder.