absence makes me wear the same sweater.

Usually when Kate and I are apart, I’m away on one of my biweekly trips to Boston, and Kate’s here in the house alone. This week, it’s reversed. Kate’s off in Arizona for the week, visiting her family, and I’m here at home, working. (Due to some crazy hours worked this summer, Kate finished up the year with vacation time left over, despite the wedding, minimoon, and honeymoon. I’m just a wee bit jealous of DHMC’s vacation policy as compared to Upromise’s.)

Anyhow, with her out of the timezone, I find myself acting a little differently.

Things I find myself doing more readily when Kate’s not here:#

Wearing the same sweater for 3 days running

 (different t-shirts beneath it, though.  I'm not completely gross.)

Eating erratically

 I love cooking for the two of us, or for friends, but I don't tend to do

a lot of it when I’m alone. Doesn’t seem to be much of a point to it.

Leaving the cupboard doors open

 Not a conscious thing, really.  When Kate's here, I know it galls her,

so I try to remember to close them. When she’s not here, I just don’t remember to do it.

Leaving things around

 Self-explanatory.  Reasoning much the same as the cupboard doors.

Playing video games

 When Kate's here, my playing videogames is of necessity a solo activity.

Doesn’t prevent me from doing it, mind you, but I do it less, knowing that it shuts her out. With her not here, I don’t have “go bug Kate” as an activity option, so why not play another round of Halo2?

Busting my sleep schedule by staying up really late opening cupboard doors, leaving crap around the house, and playing videogames

 The bed's gonna be cold no matter when I get to it, so why hurry?

Sleeping on Kate’s side of the bed

 I have no idea why I do this when she's gone, but I always do.

All of these guarantee that when she gets home, I’ll be bleary, hungry, and filthy. Fortunately, as we still haven’t run out of honeymoon glow, these will be overlooked as we run towards each other through slow motion soft-focus fields of flowers, come Monday night.