Was deep in a dream this morning which involved giving a speech to a bunch of football cheerleaders when Kate suddenly catapulted out of bed, scaring the bejesus out of me. My first thought was that she’d overslept her alarm, but when I saw that it was still pitch dark outside, my next thought was that something must be on fire, so I shot upright, too, only to hear Kate chasing Lucy around the bedroom, cursing like a sailor. Apparently Lucy had been fidgeting around the bedroom for the last hour, licking plastic bags, purring, and generally being a nuisance. Kate, awake and unable to get Lucy to stop any other way, finally snapped and started chasing her around with a squirt bottle. I sleep with earplugs in, and had remained blissfully unaware of any of the preamble.

I suggested that we fricassee Lucy for dinner and that in the meantime, Kate put some earplugs in (we have a container of a b’jillion of them) and try going back to sleep, which seemed to work.

We’ll see whether we follow through on the fricassee.