Late night mistake

I’ve joked before about the dangers inherent in carrying the nearly-identically-packaged “Toms’ of Maine wintermint toothpaste ” and “Toms’ of Maine mint shaving cream ” in the same toiletries kit while traveling.

That said, last night was the first time I actually squeezed some “naturally conditioning shave cream” onto my toothbrush and brushed my teeth for 3 or 4 seconds before realizing, “Hey, this is the wrong texture … and it tastes somewhere between odd and foul. Crap. <ack, ptui>” It tasted about the same level of weird as brushing with Dr. Bronner’s bar soap (which I’ve done, and which specifically encourages its use as a dentifrice).

I’ve often smugly asserted to Kate that one of the reasons I like using earthy crunchy products is that they’re nontoxic; I suppose I had this coming to me.