Home again, Home again

… spent the weekend down in Maryland, just outside of D.C. and can safely report that it’s freakin’ hot down there.

As to the Whimsy Problem, I realized at the last minute that I’d brought back Indian formalwear from my trip to Bangalore, two (three?) years ago, and had never had such a great chance to wear it. It took some advising from Marcie, some rapid web searching for instructions, and some sewing from Jeanne, but Kate’s sari looked awesome on her.

About to head off to the wedding

Also, what’s more whimsical than a borrowed Volvo?

Adam stops to adjust his sandal

We had a blast at Mark and Sabrina’s wedding, even though I left both my camera and audio recorder back at Jeanne and David’s house. Phooey.

So long as we weren’t in direct sunlight (where the dark colored silk really drew the heat) we did surprisingly well in our finery, and Kate in particular drew many admiring comments. (One friend: “You know, it’s really rare that I think white women can get away with wearing a sari… but you make the cut.") Potluck food, a beautiful ceremony with lots of laughter and applause and Sabrina asking for a program early on (“Because we really don’t know what’s going on here”). We ate pie and drank beer and laughed and talked and didn’t leave until dusk, having had a surprising amount of time with Sabrina and Mark, who were both radiantly happy, sweating, and exhausted.

This morning we had a big brunch with Colin and Nadra and David and Jeanne and Eli (who became very fond of Kate this weekend). I cooked my sourdough waffles with mind beams:

Mind Beams!  I’m cooking the waffles with Mind Beams!

And Kate waved her hand and made hashbrowns and eggs with spinach and feta appear, as if by magic:

Kate makes hash browns and mediterranean eggs appear