here’s the thing here’s why I’m drunk on tequila it’s not that Reid couldn’t get 41 votes together to mount a legitimate filibuster against S.3930

(although that’s sad in and of itself)

it’s that the idea of “coercive interrogation” or “extraordinary rendition"or whatever else you want to call “beating people until they tell you what you want to hear,” along with the side note of suspending habeus corpus (only the foundation of western justice for just shy of 800 years) for people the president, one fallible, biased, human being designates

could even be brought up for debate on the floor of the US Senate without riots, without everyone turning to stare like the person had dropped their pants and deposited a large, moist, turd on the Speaker’s podium

that we have come to a place where it’s okay in polite society to talk and yammer and cavil for hours about which ends justify which means

that any government could be so convinced of the rightness of their own cause as to eliminate opponents’ ability to question their conduct

well, friends, that’s worth getting drunk over