I’m sitting in Glen’s living room, tired from a long day of work after a shorter night’s sleep than usual. (Was visiting J&J; and their boys, which as usual meant staying up late hanging with the adults and getting up early (in this case, 6 a.m.) to hang with the whole family. While I can function adequately on low sleep for a while, I remain utterly amazed at the parents I know who seem to go months on end getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night without losing their minds.)

It’s been a while since I’ve written (as opposed to blogging other people’s articles) here or anywhere, despite trips (orlops in Hartford, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and not Hawai’i) and lots of musing on life directions (after dithering for months, I’ve made the decision to apply to graduate programs in journalism for Fall 2007). I find it a little ironic that having decided to apply to journalism programs, I just haven’t felt the strong itch to document the happenings in my own life, recently.

I’ve seen good friends and laughed a lot, had some excellent meals, played poker in actual for-money games in Las Vegas, watched Sallie Mae begin to exert some direction on Upromise, seen a number of coworkers exit, had a brainstorm and got the new home theater set up (had the first of what will hopefully be many, many movie-and-popcorn evenings the other night)… and through all of it, I’ve had a lingering sense of holding still, of neither losing nor gaining against the various currents in my life right now. Fallen off the wagon for my morning pages, too, though I’m recommitting to those this weekend, as Kate and I head up to Maine for a quick shut-the-water-off visit.

So here I am.