Had a little film festival this past weekend; invited some friends over and watched a yitload of movies:

  1. Brick
  2. Idiocracy
  3. I’ve Heard The Mermaids Singing
  4. Millions
  5. Jet Li’s “Fearless”
  6. This Film Is Not Yet Rated
  7. The Illusionist

Some better than others, but all of them new to me, and on average: very good. Brick and The Illusionist were standouts, to my mind.

Made a ton of food: vegetarian chili and cornbread, vegetarian Tom Kha soup, Pad Thai (made to order as people stepped up to the wok), chai milk and pancakes and No-Knead bread and grilled cheeses, but surprisingly only one batch of popcorn the whole weekend. In between movies, we played some Dance-Dance-Revolution, ogled the snow, ate constantly, and talked about all kinds of things.

Last summer, when I was considering buying a video projector, I had a vision in my mind of our huge living room filled with people watching and discussing movies together. This weekend I saw that vision fulfilled, and It Was Good.

One of our neighbors on Bean Road coined the “Beandance” title, which we all chuckled over and immediately adopted.