what's that feeling?

Why it’s … having turned in my last story (video, a day-of-air about the striking drivers of the public-transit buses for the handicapped)! It’s not being under deadline pressure for the first time in several months! It’s … wait a second. It’s having another take-home exam to do today, and phone calls to make for our masters’ project, and comedy skits to write for Thursday night’s all-J-School party, and cat boxes to clean out and refill, Christmas presents to think of, parts of Handel’s Messiah to get familiar with, this weekend’s Wintermarket to think about covering just for the heck of it, and way off in the distance, a Twelfth-Night party to plan, and sustained work on our masters’ project post-New-Years…

Q: What’s the only thing worse than too much structured work?

A: Too much unstructured work.

I should totally dig up that copy of “Getting Things Done” that Glen (or my mom, I forget) lent me years ago. Surely a SYSTEM would help me here. Or perhaps an iPhone, or, wait, one of these things ! All my problems would evaporate, then! I’d be a blur of productive activity!