Ears or brain?

So I’ve had a head cold for three or four days, now. My congestion has dropped back to nearly manageable levels, but it’s migrated back into my sinuses. Now when I blow my nose, I hear alarming squeaks and gurgles in my right ear.

Or at least I hope it’s my ear. Here’s why I say that: the other intermittent symptom I’m having is audible, too. For the last 36 hours, as I’ve listened to someone speak, I’ve heard an odd set of lower tones underneath their speaking voice. It sounds a little like they’re speaking through a “make me sound like a robot” synthesizer patch. I’m not sure how to describe it better than that. It wavers in intensity; sometimes I notice it, sometimes I don’t.

I really hope this can be explained by my mucous membranes somehow, because the only other person I’ve ever known who’s had audible, er, hallucinations, was Mr. Keyes, my awesome high school english teacher. He had synaesthesia, wherein for several months he heard paisley. Then they removed the brain tumor which had been causing it, and the paisleys went away.

No paisleys for me yet.