Running to stand still

The treadmill of the second semester here has been ratcheted up several degrees of incline and had the speed noticeably increased. I’m feeling mentally breathless. Lots of projects and pieces are coming together at the very last minute, and while this hasn’t bitten me (badly) yet, I’m just waiting for something to completely fail with only an hour left before class and screw everything up.

Today I’m:

  * Finding an article from 100 years before our birthday and rewriting it in modern newspaper style.

  * Tracking down establishing shots of Afghanistan, for our video masters' project.

  * Tuning and submitting my resumé for the job fair in 2.5 weeks.

Recording myself making a meal (I think soba noodles with garlicky seared kale and tofu) for a personal commentary I’ve yet to write about what place cooking takes in my life, for Friday’s radio broadcast.

  * Reading up on journalism's development from 1812-1830.

  * Cleaning the kitchen and catboxes.

  * Trying hard not to panic, eat all the trail mix, or nap: all three favorite activities when my anxiety is running hot.

Going over audio from the Crossword Puzzle Tournament last weekend with an ear towards cobbling together an audio postcard, also for this Friday’s broadcast.

  * Not blogging anymore than this.

In other news, Kate left yesterday morning for work and returned home around 9:30 p.m. She went to bed shortly after. I got home after midnight to find the apartment silent and dark, and crawled into bed. She got up and left for work this morning again at oh-god-early. She was gone before I woke up. I probably won’t be home tonight before she’s asleep again.

It’s almost as if we don’t really live together just now, except for the notes and dirty dishes.