Plans and offers

I have been verbally offered and verbally accepted a job as Web Producer for the new, national, morning show being developed here in New York at WNYC: The Takeaway . The show aims to be national in scope and will be competing with NPR’s Morning Edition.

The job is more web-oriented and less directly radio-oriented than I had originally envisioned, but it’s going to mean participating in the launch of a new show, which is rare, and working with some awesome radio talent, which is also rare. Taking this job will also let us stick around New York for a bit while I’m not in grad school, which will give us a chance to explore parts of the city other than northern Manhattan.

I originally had (and truthfully, have) some trepidation about taking a job requiring any of the skills of my previous geek-career, and I had to think long and hard about whether I wanted to hold out for a job as A Radio Guy rather than A Web Guy. In the end, I’ve come around to seeing that this is actually a decent transition job. It’s gonna use a little of my technical facility (which means the last dozen years of my life weren’t totally useless), and it’ll let me stretch and engage my newly-minted journalistic abilities – in writing and managing the content on the site, in shooting video and making maps and mashups, in wrangling what will hopefully be an active crowd of commenters and participants in the live sound of this new show…

I’m psyched.