Today is the first day of the rest of your weekend

  * Radio Workshop, hands down my favorite class of the year, wrapped up last night.  I have learned many things this year, but persistent and nagging anxieties that I haven't learned **enough** or the right things are still occasionally fluttering around.  My last several pieces were, to my mind, boring and unnecessary.   I'd hoped to have them be the shining culmination of a year practicing a new set of skills; instead, I listened to my classmate's final pieces and wished we didn't have to play mine.  If my stuff had been actually **bad**, then at least I'd have something to correct.  How do you correct "mediocre?"

There’s definitely a mournful, “summer camp will be over soon” feeling around the J-school, and it’s no wonder. We’ve gone through a very intense year together: for most of us, far more intense than our entry-level jobs will prove for years, yet. Soon, people will disperse to the four corners of the globe.

I have one more class meeting, Tuesday night. That’s it.

  * I officially start at The Takeaway on Monday.  I unofficially [started]( several weeks ago.  I'm starting to brainstorm about what we want to do with the online side of things, and I'm getting pretty psyched at the possibilities.

  * Our apartment is filthy and cluttered. 

  * Elvis Costello released a new album this week: listening to just the first two bars of the first two songs, I can tell I'm going to like it.  Thank you, iTMS. 

  * After several days of rain, the sun has finally come out; as a result, I can see more clearly than I could before, allowing me to accurately get a count of the obstacles in my way.

  * This morning, I intend to play the new Elvis Costello album loudly through our speakers and clean the house.  And then, maybe, cook something.  A bright, bright, bright sunshiny day, indeed.