Two things I have now that I didn't before:

  1. A Masters of Science degree in Journalism, granted me by Columbia University
  2. A hangover.

I would not have the degree without Kate, who every day makes new adventures – big and small – possible in ways I never imagined. And Jason Haas, who first put the notion in my head that graduate school was perhaps the way out of the stasis I was in; and Aira, who first put the notion in my head that journalism done well might be something I could attain; and my grandma Marzi, who made it financially possible; and the Upper Valley crew who supported us in living and packing and moving… The Academy, parents, little people, &c.;

I could go on, but I need to go find some water and a stiff cup of tea, now. After a week of getting up at 0430, staying up until 0300 dancing and drinking has left me feeling like my head’s on backwards and inside out.