Privileges... revoked

Went out for my afternoon hobble around the unit, and partway around, slowed by Kate’s supporting arm and my own hand on a rail, dropped slowly (and unintentionally) to one knee… and then couldn’t get back up. Caused some consternation among the nurses, got myself hoisted onto an office chair and wheeled back to bed. Was told, gently, that my walking around privileges were being curtailed. Bummer. So that’s getting worse.

Then, as a first step towards tomorrow’s plasmapherisis, I had a central line put in. Big needle into a big vein in the side of ones neck, two tubes fed down it until they reach just to the top of ones heart, needle withdrawn, tubes remain, sticking out like something Mary Shelley would write. Uncomfortable as heck, though a weird feeling to feel cool saline deep inside my chest as they flushed the line.

Last night I slept poorly; I’m trying not to get myself worked up over what looks like it could be another night of the same. Feeling generally crappy, sore, and poked. Psyched for tomorrow’s first step back towards recovery.