Posting may go light for a bit - it’s gotten to the point where it feels like using someone elses fingers to hit the phone keyboard. Slow and frustrating.

2nd pp session cut off halfway through as half my face fell down again. Some frantic imaging verified no stroke - it’s related to the GBS somehow, but nobody knows why phoresis is exacerbating it. Too many puzzled experts for comfort, so they’ve pulled my central line and will start IVIG tonight. My heartrate has shot up and hasn’t come back down.

arms and legs slough off entirely if I’m not looking

Maudlin poem du jour:

Castle at the edge of the sea. Storerooms in the castles filled with haystacks of silver needles and bronze pins waiting to be spun into gold. From the heads of the pins, swirling and expanding choirs of angels dancing out over the ocean and singing their electric songs to serenade the king, alone in the castle, windows dark as he rushes from room to room, watching the encroaching waves and the long, slumping remains of the castle’s wings, now just sparkling sand running down into the water. From the highest crenellations, watching the sky and the tides, and waiting for the moon to rise.

Back online when I can.