Christmas morn

(post by the mom) It’s Christmas morning, the guy slept better with a little chemical help last night (hip joint pain and general muscle/joint discomfort are the primary culprits) (fentenol patch and Trazadone, the helpful agents)

The sun is shining in. He’s able to wrinkle his forehead with his eyebrow raises. He was on CPAP (doing his own breathing, albeit with pressure support from the vent machine) for 8+ hours the other day and 6+ yesterday with the pressure cut from 10 to 5 (5 of what I’m not clear on, but it’s half of 10, which is good).
The respiratory therapist said that that was good enough that he suggested to the neurologist that he could handle a trial with a trache collar (an important step, needed to head to rehab). The doc wants to wait because of the plasma phoresis (two more to go), but it means he’s making progress. At this moment, Mags, who is a medical massage therapist friend, is doing an extremely thorough massage of his butt and legs, more body parts and smiles coming. There are lots of Christmas delights for both Adam and Kate starting today.

Life is good.