A little more energy

(guest post by Kate)

Adam seemed to have a little more energy today. He still took some naps this afternoon, but this evening had more of a sparkle in his eye. Besides the C. diff, Adam also has a urinary tract infection. The hits just keep on coming! He continues to be on multiple antibiotics, which are treating both of these infections, and I’m hoping that he’s starting to feel a little bit better.

He’s going to try to stay on trach collar for as long as he can overnight, so he could be on trach collar for 24 hours if he lasts until morning without feeling too tired. It’s definitely a challenge, but I think he’s up for it.

The team is talking about moving Adam to rehab at the beginning of next week, so we may be out of the hospital (and it’s risk for infections) sooner than we thought. My first choice is a rehab facility up in Rockland County, NY. It’s farther away, but seems to be an excellent facility and my dad and I had a great tour there on Friday. There are dorm rooms at the facility for family to stay in so there’s the possibility of going up and staying for a couple of days when I have a few days off. Also, they can take Adam if he’s on a vent - he looks like he’s headed towards full trach collar pretty soon, but just in case they can work on weaning him there. We’re both looking forward to rehab and watching Adam’s progress. The hospital staff have been wonderful, but we’re itchy for the next phase.