Adam's in rehab!

(guest post by Kate)

We were able to get Adam safely ensconced in Helen Hayes this afternoon, and that was great. Everyone has been very welcoming and we’re all really excited for the next stage of Adam’s recovery. He was seen by the nurses, the attending physician, and had a brief chat with the occupational therapist. The majority of the evaluations by PT, speech, OT, etc will happen tomorrow. While Adam was showing the attending what movement he could do, he surprised us by raising both arms straight up in the air. When the doctor held his knee off the bed he kicked his leg out. These were things we hadn’t known he could do so clearly his range of motion has increased in the last day or two. He can also suction his own mouth secretions. It was as simple as having the OT ask if Adam could suction his own mouth and he was able to pull down the sleeve that covers the suction catheter down and bring it to his mouth. We had been suctioning his mouth for him, but no longer! He can do it himself. :) I think there will be a number of things that we’ll begin to see Adam do on his own in the next few days and weeks, and while it will be a change not having to do as much for him, it will be a great step towards his independence.

We’ll be figuring out his schedule over the next few days. Visiting hours are 11am-9pm, and those hours are even for immediate family. He’ll likely have therapy throughout the day in 30-60 minute increments with some breaks in between, and most of it will end by 3:30 pm. The orientation booklet mentioned that he might be tired after therapy and need naps. Once he has a schedule created, we’ll likely be able to give people good times to visit Adam.