Quick update

(guest post by Kate)

Adam had a really great day. His physical therapist brought by a motorized wheelchair that fits him well and Adam got to go to the therapy gym. He practiced rolling from side to side on the mat, and was able to demonstrate rolling to the side this evening in bed. Adam got to have some tapioca with speech today - still having some blue tinged secretions from his trach so it sounds like he will have a barium swallow study later this week. He was just finishing up his second half hour of OT when I arrived and before doing his final exercise, he hugged me! We haven’t hugged in a really long time (or at least with both of us participating instead of just one). It totally made my day and felt wonderful to feel his arms around me again. Adam was able to bring his arms up from a sitting position on the side of the bed and hug me without any assistance. When OT figured out this our first hug in a while, they decided we should hug with him standing up. We were able to get him almost all the way to a standing position and we hugged for a little bit that way. It was more tiring than when he was sitting, but totally awesome. Later this afternoon, Adam had his speaking valve put back on and made a few phone calls. He was able to have a couple of 20 minute conversations without getting too tired or coughing a lot, which is an improvement. I think he would have loved to keep calling people all night. :) His voice sounds more like himself pre-GBS but is still a little thin and not quite as deep, but sounds stronger than the last few days.

All in all, an awesome day. David, Adam’s brother, has been visiting the last few days and Adam is loving all the hang out time with him. I’ll be working the next two days and won’t be able to make it up to Helen Hays, so I’m looking forward to seeing what new things Adam can do when I come back on Thursday.