Calm before the storm

It’s the wee hours before I go to work; when I first woke, forty-five minutes ago, the sky over Harlem was a dull, tiger-lily orange. (What are sailors supposed to make of that? I forget.) Kate hummed a little as I climbed back into bed and rubbed her back. The instant I got out of bed, however, she dozily rearranged the stacks of pillows and flying buttresses on which she’s sleeping these days and has now extended herself across my side of the bed. “Watch This Space” Hirsch was quiet when I put my hands on her/him, but I figure that’s only temporary.

There’s nothing quite like having friends with a one-year-old come and stay for the weekend to really bring home the fact that we’ve invited a tasmanian devil crossed with a whirlwind into our lives. Tim, Rachel, and Adi Diego were marvelous houseguests, and my early morning walks with Adi utterly awesome. I’m really psyched to do this with our own creature.