Thunder and Backpacks

Thunderstorm last night.  Sydney was up for a while listening to the rain on the skylight; Piper repeatedly woke up to the thunder, calling out for us and covering her ears. Kate had already earned her parent merit badge with Sydney in the 0200-0300 shift, so I went downstairs to calm Piper.

“The thunder scares me!", she told me several times, followed shortly by “I want some water … No, Abba, NOT THAT CUP!” and “I want a backpack to take to pre-school.”  After the third time I stumbled back down the stairs to soothe/hydrate/promise a backpack someday, I gave up and went to sleep in her bed, which seemed to satisfy her.

Of course, sleeping in a toddler-sized bed with a toddler in it is kind of like trying to get a good night’s sleep while cuddling a tricycle. Being told “I love you, Abba!” as a wakeup call up is nice, though I wish she’d waited just a few seconds before asking what was for breakfast.