Not just for breakfast

Tonight’s dinner:

  * [Savory waffles with cornmeal](, rosemary and basil. Used my dad's regular waffle iron, as my Belgian didn't seem appropriate
  * Roast salmon
  * Broiled asparagus
  * Spinach and arugula salad
  * A beer (local amber)
  * A squeeze bottle of 2/3 mustard to 1/3 maple syrup

Piper was thrilled to hear we were having waffles for dinner! And then she was utterly crushed to find out that we wouldn’t be putting maple syrup on them.  “I want something on my waffles!” got wailed at me about five times before I got her to take a few deep breaths and mollified her with some yogurt and applesauce on the waffle.

Me, I had some sliced tomatoes and salmon on top of the crunchy cornmeal waffle and brightened with the mustard/maple.  Awesome.  Feels like summer is just around the corner.