Things I learned emptying and reorganizing our indoor freezer

  • When you’re down to the last slice-and-a-heel of bread, don’t eat it: just put it in the freezer next to the other five slice-and-a-heel-of-bread bags in there and promptly forget about it forever.
  • The thought “Well, we could always use some more frozen edamame … I mean, we really like frozen edame!” while at Trader Joe’s is admirable, but don’t go overboard. nopened bags of edamame (and one half-finished) found in different sections of the freezer qualifies as overboard. (We had edamame with dinner last night: we still love them!)
  • Have you been concerned about your supply of frozen breast milk? Because there turn out to be enough bags of milk in our freezer that we could slowly run them through a sno-cone machine and still be feeding the cones to Sydney next summer.
  • If you get to the bottom of the freezer and can’t discern which of the small, cold, dark items are the spilled frozen blueberries and which are the spilled frozen chocolate chips, consult the nearest three year old. For a nominal fee consisting of a handful of spilled frozen blueberries and chocolate chips, she will happily tell you that they are delicious and that she should have more of them.
  • Said three-year-old will turn out to be fickle in her fee structure, and upon realizing that there are unopened fruit bars in the freezer, will declare that tonight’s dessert will be a fruit bar. Specifically, this one. The one she’s waving around, yes.