Everything is going up

One of Soul Coughing’s best, re-done by the song’s author and the band’s very-ex-frontman, the inimitable Mike Doughty. Stuck in my head this morning.

Everything is going up.
Everything is going as planned, yeah.
Everything moves along.
Everything is fine, fine, fine.

Oh I could be condemned to Hell for every sin but littering.
I could slip on the East River and crash into Queens all skittering.
I’ve seen the cops and the robbers, and I know they dance the same.
I’ve seen a half a zillion girls and haven’t spoken to a single one of them.

Batting in the light,
My reptile-lidded eyes.
And all this strung end to end,
Is wider than the mind.

And this cool I’ve been playing
I have been playing too long
Now my capacities are dwindling
‘til they’re Gone Gone Gone.

Baby can I change my mind?
I just want to change my mind.