Mortality and Morning People

  • Piper started a crying binge after lights out, late last week, weepily repeating only, “I don’t want to die: not ever, ever ever. I never want to die.” Hugs and some nickel-philosophy from Kate and me, Kate’s being of the “you’re not going to die for a long, long time” variety and mine being of the “hey, when I feel that way, I think about all the things I love in my life.” P fell asleep 10 minutes later. We haven’t found out what the trigger was. (Having finished “Charlotte’s Web” a week before, though, makes me wonder about the sudden mortality concern.)
  • Kate took off for a 4-day conference in SLC last night. The girls and I had a graceful bedtime, an uninterrupted night’s sleep and a reasonably smooth countdown and launch this morning. Of course, after walking the girls to the bus stop, exchanging pleasantries with our other parent friends and then walking Syd home again, I realized that I’d been wearing my olive-drab rain shell inside out the whole time. (file under “morning people; we are not actually them yet")
  • Apple picking at Door Creek Orchard yesterday. Optimistically picked a huge bag of Cortland apples for the coming year, but will I get to peeling them and prepping them for future pies? Watch this space.
  • Today’s my first official day returning to full-time work as a systems geek, doing IT and scaling work with/for friends at VCharge Energy . Radio work will be dropping back to a hobby for a bit – good, flexible, paying work that stands a decent chance of making the world better is too tempting to pass up, at least for a bit.