On our way back

A trip back in time nearly seven years:  back to New York City as a childless couple, with time and energy to spare. Returning to our kids and lives will be like putting on my favorite jeans, but remembering the feelings of walking arm in arm down a subway tunnel with Kate … priceless.  

Maybe shades of what Bilbo felt like?

Some weeks ago, my tremendously thoughtful wife, Kate, informed me of several facts:
  • that I needed to clear my calendar for a three-day excursion this weekend – Friday night through Monday evening.
  • that we would be traveling by airplane, but no passports are required.
  • That we will be going someplace that’s roughly equivalent in climate to where we are now, “possibly a little warmer.”
After many, many years of mutually agreed upon low-key birthdays, this is a radical departure from the norm. I have been excited for weeks, and am eagerly anticipating the rare feeling I’ll have this afternoon: that of stepping out of the house without being on a plan I’ve helped set up. (It is entirely possible that someone reading this is at our destination right now, for all I know.)

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