It’ll be watching you

Scene: Kate has brought home a bag of assorted Lindt chocolate truffle balls.

Kate: “You can have all the cappuccino ones.”

Adam: “That’s okay, I’ve already had three today.”

Kate: <rummaging in bag> “You missed one.”

Adam: “Nah, I’m good.”

Syd: “It’s okay, Abba — I’ll put it in your office. It’ll be watching you.<walks out of the room towards Adam’s office, the cappuccino ball held in her hand reverently as any thurible>


Exeunt omnes.

Any day…

… that starts with a new PR in a road race, continues with a fantastic movie (JoJo Rabbit) seen with one’s beloved spouse, and ends with six heirloom apple-themed courses including cassoulet and beignets… is a good day.